August News

Hey Wieners and Wienettes-Check out these here shows!!!!!!!!!!

Billy Sugarfix NiteLite (Skylight Exchange) Wednesday, August 25
Erie Choir
The Ants
America, Dear

Billy Sugarfix The Cave Sunday, August 29
My Little Phony
Shallow Be Thy Name

Billy Sugarfix Local 506 Friday, Sept. 3
Shark Quest
(record release party

Other News:

How would you like to have yours truly, Billy Sugarfix write and record a song
specifically to whatever occasion is your whim? Well, now that opportunity is

In the past I have been comissioned to write songs for birthdays, almost all
holidays, theatre productions, and to educate/entertain children. It is my
hope to start a
business in which I will write/record songs for people-catering to whatever
purpose they
feel requires a song!!!!!

Unfortunately, the 35 dollar introductory rate has now expired. The new fee will be 50 bucks-which is still a bargain. If you have made a prior arrnagement with me (AY, DS-you know who you are) then the fee will still be 35 bucks.

Sooooooooooo, if you feel that you or someone you know could benefit from having
a Billy Sugarfix song of your/their very own-email me and it will happen.

Sugarfix original song customized to meet any occasion, email me here:
Your Very Own Billy Sugarfix Original Is Only A Click Away!!!!


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